Eureka trades bot Instructions

Registration is much easier and faster than in Panthera trade.

First we have to register into broker. Since this is real trading, KYC is mandatory. My reflink is bellow:

UAG trade

After registration, I made KYC with ID and one utility bill, uploading through the site.

Next step is to make deposit. For 200$ (210 USDT) you can get referral link.
Steps to make deposit:
1. Bank
2. Deposit to bank - there you will open different deposit options
3. After you made deposit, you should send screenshot and later you will get it confirmed and your deposited amount will appear on your balance

Next step is to open MT4 account:

4. Trading
5. Open MT4 account
6. With these details you login to MT4 website and mobile app
7. Choose Live standard and Leverage 200
8. Next step is transfer the amount to trading wallet. That is all!

Few details more:
to fill "Bank" details, you will write:
Method: local
Bank name: your crypto ( for example USDT Trc20)
Account number: your wallet address